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6 Hottest honeymoon destinations of 2017

We have all heard our share of the big fat Indian wedding tales but when it comes to the honeymoon it is bashful glances and a quick whisper of the destination. It is time to break shackles  – not only of your dusty suitcase, but of the honeymoon experiences to be had. There’s a whole world out there! Here are the hottest honeymoon destinations of 2017 you can start with at PickYourTrail

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Australia honeymoon from honeymoon destinations of 2017

Marriages are made in heaven; And, honeymoon in Australia – nothing will better surmise your honeymoon experience at Down Under. From taking flight at the break of dawn on a hot air balloon, to landing on the outskirts of a rainforest – aah, just in time for dinner. Monotony in your honeymoon is a by-gone. Ride on horsebacks on your favourite beach, pitstop along the vineyard that beckons to you and savour some wine – freshly made or old and well-matured. And when your bodies are weary and the heart craves for romance, sit by the Sydney harbour to watch your favourite movie.


 New Zealand

The land of Maori is your gateway to not only a new culture, some Middle-earth references and breathtaking beauty, it is the ideal honeymoon destination of dreams – just like this couple discovered! Dramatic landscapes are more than just a pretty face – they are opportunities to experience love, adventure, passion, serenity; a whole cocktail of emotions. And speaking of cocktail, there is that winery tour you don’t want to miss. Speaking of adventure, how does jumping out of a plane 10,000 above the ground sound? Maybe cascade down to dip your weary body in a mud bath at Rotorua. Honeymoon here is like life – it goes on and you will want it to. You will want it to never stop!


Maldives honeymoon from honeymoon destinations of 2017

The luxurious, the pampered child in you will crave for this one, doubtless. Why settle for anything less than basking under the sun, your favourite mocktail in hand, an island to yourselves, no motivation to glance away from each other’s eyes. Inertia is your friend here. Unless there is another island that you have set your eyes on! Then, to the sails it is. Another cruise boat ride, another island, another day in the sun it is. At Maldives, it is honeymoon at its finest and nothing less.


For the sappy, the romantic and the value-for-money seekers, Bali is your romantic base. It has everything, after all. And everything is affordable. Rent yourselves a villa by all things seclusion at Ubud, eat your heart out atop a cliff, watch the world awaken once more as the sun rises at Bukit Asah. And when you want to scream your lungs out take a helicopter ride along the Bali coastline, or trek up to Mount Batur. When you want to dance away the night with each other, the Kuta nightlife will beckon you. If you want to settle for quiet, there is always the beach – open to romance, open to love. Write your love story after you have chosen your fave from all the honeymoon destinations of 2017.


Aruba honeymoon from honeymoon destinations of 2017

Another instance of (mostly) clear skies, white sand beaches and water the shade of turquoise. Yes, yet another beach-cation by this Caribbean island. But that is not all there it is to this. Meet and greet with the island’s animals and birds: feed some hungry Ostriches at the Ostrich farm, watch the miracle of birth as baby turtles emerge from eggs and wade towards the ocean and hold a conversation with the talking parrots of Aruba. And if party is indeed on your mind, take the Kukoo Kunuku bus for the wildest pub crawl of your life! And to really separate from the crowd, take the path less travelled – gravely and full of boulder like stones – to the conchi or Nature Pool to wade in.


Right out of the lovely scene in that sappy movie you just watched? Yes, that is Amsterdam. With bridges, river tunnels, coffee shops and cobblestone streets to walk hand-in-hand at, Amsterdam is a never-ending romantic saga. Browse museums, or menu cards at coffee shops; go on boat rides across canals; get high on freshly baked brownies at its pretty cafes. And for a little depth to your experience, visit the Anne Frank House. Set exploring on foot, go on walking tours, drink at High Wine with four wines and munchies at Dylan Amsterdam. And, of course, let go as you join in on Amsterdam’s wild nightlife – the night is young, and so are you.


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