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10 of the most beautiful towns in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of those experiences you cannot help but bookmark in your travel journal to go back and read in times to come. Nevertheless, every destination has its share of beauty that unravels itself if travelled the right way. It’s one of those rare rainy days when you decide to step out for a walk. Just you. You keep smiling and have no clue why. There in the corner not so far, you find a strikingly calm coffee place and suddenly your day gets better. Vietnam travel will be one such experience — it might start to be just another vacation but you’ll come back with indelible memories to cherish for a lifetime.

10. Hue

♥︎ History tour ♥︎ Architectural marvels ♥︎ Sightseeing

The glorious ripples created by the Nguyen dynasty in ancient Vietnam is still felt in the antique walls of the imperial citadel. With ornate tombs of majestic emperors and enchanting castles of princesses, Hue is truly a rich repository of Vietnam’s cultural heritage.

Top attractions: Imperial citadel, Perfume river, Thien Mu Pagoda

9. Nha Trang

♥︎ Beach ♥︎ Water sports ♥︎ Luxury resorts

This angelic coastal town is a perfect wrap of all that is water! Think Nha Trang in terms of enchanting lakes, abyssal rivers, sandy beaches and golden shorelines. For a perfect mix of experiences, Nha Trang is a must visit.

Top attractions: Long Son Pagoda, Po Nagar tower, Ba Ho waterfalls

8. Can Tho

♥︎ Nightlife ♥︎ Floating markets ♥︎ Partying

Float high above the gorgeous canal systems and the floating markets laden on the waterfronts of Ninh Kieu. Can Tho is the loud glittery side of the otherwise calm Vietnam.

Top attractions: Floating markets, My Khanh, Binh Thuy house

7. Da Lat

♥︎ Nature walks ♥︎ City tour ♥︎ Honeymoon getaway

Da Lat’s is bestowed with lavish natural beauty and a year-round pleasant weather — so much that its nicknames as the city of eternal spring, and Le Petit Paris, are not even remotely cheesy. This place as a whole is the wilderness of Vietnam personified.

Top attractions: Tuyan Lam lake, Truc Lam temple, The valley of love

6. Bac Ha

♥︎ Shopping ♥︎ Motorbiking ♥︎ Vietnam Souvenirs

Vietnam buys its colourful clothes here! Bac Ha is very popular for its authentic Vietnam souvenirs, Sunday markets, grassy hills and enormous crowds. Accessorize yourself with the best you can find and you’ll sure turn heads.

Top attractions: Bac Ha market, Hmong palace, Coc Ly market

Speaking of shopping —  You can shop Armani, Gucci and Burberry tax-free up to 60% off in this UK town!

5. Sa pa

♥︎ Mountain trekking ♥︎ Scenic valleys ♥︎ Camping

Trek through the enchanting Muong Hoa valley and the Phang Xi Pang peak to catch a spectacular view of the iconic rice fields of Vietnam. This piece of land is more artistic than any of the attraction in Vietnam, combined. This is also the best way to strike up conversations with the locals, to get incredible travel insights you’ll get nowhere else.

Top attractions: Muong Hoa, Silver waterfalls, Fansipan mountain

4. Vung Tau

♥︎ Culture tour ♥︎ Island cruise ♥︎ Ziplining

Seems like this port city hasn’t forgotten its past status as a French colonial town. Expect a tint of French influence in whatever you find, phenomenal beaches, lovely locals and best ziplining experiences.

Top attractions: Jesus Christ’s statue, Hon Ba, White palace

3. Mui Ne

♥︎ Desert Safari ♥︎ Best sunset ♥︎ Road trip

The best destination for those who find pleasure in braving wind and water combined. Hi sailers, windsurfers, motor bikers! Mui Ne is your idea of vacation. Also be sure you space out your stay in Mui Ne quite lavishly as you won’t want to miss out on the exciting desert activities it offers.

Top attractions: Fairy stream, Cham towers, Red sand dunes

2. Chau Doc

♥︎ Forests ♥︎ Mekong delta tour ♥︎ Temples

Backpack across the wondrous forests of Tra Su Cajuput for the love of fresh rain’s scent and the muddy toes’ warmth. Or climb your way to the top of the Sam mountain for the most picturesque Vietnam you’ll ever see.

Top attractions: Tra Su Cajuput, Phuoc Dien Temple, Huynh Dao Pagoda

1. Hoi An

♥︎ Food ♥︎ Quintessential Vietnam ♥︎ Motorbiking

The quintessential Vietnam. Hoi An is known for its fantabulous food, the quite murmur of the Thu Bon river and beautiful alleyways that set up the place on fire at night. This place alone can make up your Vietnam expedition.

Top attractions: Hoi An ancient town, Phuc Kien, Quang Trieu

Vietnam tour offers unadulterated heritage that stands detached from the hustle and bustle of the world it belongs to. Now which of these destinations you’ve bookmarked? Let Pickyourtrail know, and we’ll fix you a perfect itinerary to trail around with!

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