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Virtual tour of 9 breathtaking European villages

Oh is it ever possible in resisting the temptation to plan your next holiday to Europe? With a unique and classic old fashioned touch in their culture, architecture and cuisine, some of these quaint villages located away from the bustling city life, are sure to attract your attention and divert your route. Scroll down and explore the European villages to choose your pick.

1. Reine – Norway

Located at the tip of the Lofoten Archipelago above the arctic circle, this quaint fishing village is known to be one of the hidden beauties the country has to offer. You have an option of taking a ferry from Bodo to the Island of Moskenesøya. Don’t miss out on viewing the spectacular Northern Lights when the season kicks in and experiencing your stay at their local fishing cabins called ‘Rorbuer’.

Getting There:  Take a flight to Svolvær Airport (9kms east of Moskenes) and drive along the scenic E10 highway across the Lofoten strip.
Best Time to Go:  May & September

2. Santa Maddalena – Italy

With a breathtaking view of the Odle Mountains at its backdrop, this small Italian village amid the Dolomites at the Austrian border, is a fantastic place to stop by. Various hiking trails are done across this region and the village also happens to be one of the best spots for cross-country skiing during winter along the Zannes round trail.

Getting There: This can be done as a day trip from Venice. Or you drive up from Venice (3-4 hrs approx), as you stop by some quaint towns like Conegliano and Cortina d’Ampezzo (another great ski town in the Italian Alps).
Best Time to Go:  May, June & October

3. Saint Antonin Noble Val – France

Most of you movie buffs or foodies may feel like this name (St. Antonin) rings a bell. Yup. This village was the main backdrop used in the movie “The 100 foot Journey”. Explore the Grotte du Bosc caves and the Jardin de Quercy gardens or canoe / raft along the L’Eau de Canard river.

Getting There: Board a train from Paris down to either Agen or Toulouse (approx travel duration : 4½ hours) and drive up to Saint-Antonin (duration : 1½ hours)
Best Time to Go:  May & June

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4. Blagaj – Bosnia & Herzegovina

Also known as the Dervish monastery, the Blagaj Tekke is a 500 year old element of Ottoman architecture and Mediterranean style. Marvel at the unique architecture and vibrant culture along the numerous cafes by the  Buna river.

Getting There: A mere 12kms from Mostar, it can be reached by either car or public bus.
Best Time to Go: May, June & September

5. Mürren – Switzerland

A traditional mountain village in the Swiss Alps that is unreachable by public road is the ideal location most of the travelers look to hike and chill. Originally a farming village, Murren has a lot to offer such as Jungfraujoch, Trümmelbach falls and the Schilthorn / Piz Gloria (where you can spot some locations where Bond movies like “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” were shot).

Getting There: You can take the aerial tramway from Lauterbrunnen.
Best Time to Go: April, May, June & September

6. Monemvasia – Greece

Just like a page ripped off the Medieval Era, the old town of Monemvasia was built literally on the slopes of a huge rock that stands into the sea. The main sightseeing region of the old town was entirely carved on the slopes of a rock, offering breathtaking sea view from the highest spot. Don’t miss out exploring the beaches and the churches of Elkomenos Christos and Agia Sofia.

Getting There: This piece of land is located at a 3-5 hour drive from Athens. You can take a bus to Tripoli or Sparti and connect from there to Gefira (closest town to Monemvasía).
Best Time to Go: May & June

7. Rothenburg – Germany

Popularly known as Germany’s fairy tale area, Rothenburg is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the Bavarian Imperial region. Starting from the Little Square at Plönlein to the castle gardens and St. Jacob’s Church, this quaint village is also one of the best places to be during Christmas.

Getting There: This beautiful spot is just a 2½ – 3 hour drive from Munich.
Best Time to Go: May, June & September

8. Hallstatt – Austria

Well the picture speaks for itself. This tiny community is perhaps the most beautiful example of the many quaint traditional villages waiting to be explored in Upper Austria. The beauty is matched by that of its lake, both of which are included in the Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut Alpine UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Getting There: Take the Wolfgangsee road from Salzburg and drive down for 1½ – 2 hours. Can also be accessed via road from Graz.

Best Time to Go: May, June & September

9. Portree – Scotland (Skye)

This picturesque fishing village located in the Isle of Skye, serves to be the best hub along with Dunvegan to explore the highlights of the Skye region. Indulge into some fishing activities and hiking into the surrounding highlands.

Getting There: Advisable to take a car on hire from either Edinburgh or Inverness and drive into the Skye region as you pass through some of the best scenic locations in Scotland.
Best Time to Go:  June, July & August

Enjoyed exploring these villages? Drop us a Postcard and experience them for real.

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