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Top 5 Thailand Honeymoon Destinations

A honeymoon is a very special time for every married couple. It is the perfect time to enjoy life together and get to know each other very closely. when it comes to shortlisting a honeymoon destination, people prefer to go to places that will offer them a comfortable but thrilling experience within budget. Speaking of honeymoons, Thailand has always been a top choice for honeymooners around the world. The beauty of its exotic islands with stunning beaches, lush greenery and an unparalleled view attracts thousands of newlyweds around the world. Today, we will tell you the top 5 honeymoon destinations in Thailand (of 2019) to help you plan the perfect honeymoon that you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Koh Samui

Koh Samui is rising as a top honeymoon spot for the newlyweds. The island provides the perfect idyllic environment to enjoy your honeymoon blissfully. The smooth beaches that meet the azure sea, the palm groves surrounding the beaches and the natural view of the entire island will make you want to stay back here forever. Check-in to one of the beachfront villas that comes with a private pool to relax yourselves, treat yourself to scrumptious food and pamper to some authentic spa treatment. Don’t shy away to go over the top with a private candlelight dinner by the beach, stay under the stars in a luxury tent and have unlimited fun at the local nightclubs.

2. Krabi

A honeymoon in Krabi promises you with a stunning view of nature right from your bed. Wake up with your better half with a lovely view of the natural caves, coral reefs, white sand beaches and the tranquil sea. Enjoy a hearty breakfast by the pool, indulge in authentic seafood around you, take a romantic boat ride and walk hand-in-hand while you explore the local attractions. Do not forget to visit the night market and shop for amazing souvenirs.

3. Phuket

Going for a Thailand trip without a visit to Phuket is a big mistake that you should avoid committing at any cost. Phuket is the ultimate place for couples to celebrate their love for each other be it a wedding anniversary or a honeymoon. Apart from boasting a dreamy coastline, luxury resorts, restaurants, shops and spas, the view of the sunrise and sunset here is worth a million bucks. Do enjoy a romantic cruise on the sea when you plan to visit Phuket and catch exotic shows and events that takes place in the evenings.

4. Bangkok

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Thailand’s shopping capital, Bangkok, is known for its huge shopping options at affordable cost. Enjoy shopping with your better half in Bangkok and eat Thai food from the local sellers as you move from one market to the other. Spend your evenings in Bangkok cruising on the sea or enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner at a luxury restaurant with a view. You also have spas and local attractions like temples and monuments to keep you occupied through the day.

5. Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is yet another beautiful honeymoon destination in Thailand. This island is a perfect place for couples in need of some privacy and seclusion. The beautiful resorts and villas will offer the best services and ensure that you and your partner get the utmost comfort. When in Koh Lanta, you can enjoy at the stunning beach, swim, try kayaking and enjoy lovely seafood fares at the local restaurants. If you and your partner do not plan to do much on your honeymoon other than relaxing and chilling most of the time, head to Koh Lanta.

Thailand offers a cosmopolitan environment and and an amazing tropical weather that is perfect to visit all around the year. For all those who love basking in the sun, eating seafood and relaxing at the beaches, Thailand is the perfect place for you to be. So book your Thailand honeymoon package today and let Pickyourtrail help you to customize it as per your choice. Call us today!