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Most Instagrammable Places in Belgium

Let’s agree, we all do this! We obsess over spamming our galleries with loads of pictures from our vacation not just to relive those moments. To tease that friend who is going through his instagram feed on a Monday morning rather. To spam their insta stories to the extent of getting blocked. Just because.

Now let’s do this! Here’s a photoholic’s guide to capturing Belgium in pictures! You can absolutely go #nofilter this vacation since these places are too astonishing to be existing!

The streets of Ghent at night

The giant Saxophone in Dinant

The Dyle river of Mechelen

Belfry of Bruges, at night

The Grand Palace lit in rainbow colors

2be beer wall in Bruges

The quaint homes in Ardennes

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp

The Atomic Structure in Brussels

The surreal Magritte Museum

The waffles of Belgium

The Dexter graffiti in Mechelen

What are you waiting for? Becoming an instagram star is just a Pickyourtrail away now!