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Top 6 free things to do with a Swiss Pass – Discover Switzerland

A Swiss Travel Pass has so much to offer that many of you aren’t aware of. Apart from availing subsidised journeys on bus, trains and boats, the Swiss Travel Pass also offers free access to about 470 Swistzerland museums. The sky is the limit yeah? Read our list of the top free things to do with a Swiss pass and get the best of Switzerland for free!

1. Free public transport rides

public transport,free things to do with a Swiss Pass
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Once you hold a Swiss pass you get to travel in and around the city for free using it. You can avail the services of trains, trams, buses and boats using this pass and could go on an unlimited travel for 3, 4, 8 or 15 consecutive days. The classic scenic railway journeys can be enjoyed better at a leisure pace if you have the Swiss pass.

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2. Lake steamer and cable car ride

cable car ride,free things to do with a Swiss Pass
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Lucerne is easy to reach with the services of the cogwheel railway. Known as the reliable starting point to explore the majestic mountains of Switzerland, the views offered in this rail ride will be tantalizing. Don’t stop just there. Embark on the cable car ride which will take you to the top of Mount Titlis. The Rotair cable car rides give your eyes a feast of perfect and stunning aerial views of lakes, forests and valleys. Using the Swiss pass, you’d get good deals like free boat rides in Lucerne lakes and a good amount of discount for your cable car ride .

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3. Ballenberg, the Swiss Open-Air Museum

Ballenberg,free things to do with a Swiss Pass
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The Ballenberg Open-Air Museum – which started as a hub for 16 characteristic Switzerland buildings – is now a residential exhibition area featuring close to 100 residential and structural outlets. Portraying the country side of Switzerland, a visit to this museum will give you a glimpse into Swiss’ history. If you have the Swiss pass and also if you are travelling with family, the entry fees for your kids ( age 6-15) is free. A visit to Ballenberg museum is one of the top free things to do with a Swiss pass for sure!

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4. The Rhine falls

The Rhine falls,free things to do with a Swiss Pass
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The Rhine Falls are famous not just for their height, but also for their enchanting beauty. Since it flows near the Neuhausen village in Northern Switzerland, use the riverboat to explore the castles of Wörth and Laufen. Make sure you avail the services of free public transport with the Swiss pass when you head to the Rhine falls.

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5. The GoldenPass line

The GoldenPass line,free things to do with a Swiss Pass
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We all know for a fact the GoldenPass line is one of the best railways you can be a part of. With 3 different Providing a link between Montreux and Lucerne, when you are on your GoldenPass line trip, brace yourself to get stunned with the beautiful sceneries around you. A trip to the highest altitude on the continent, Jungfraujoch is also suggested. The benefit of Swiss Travel Pass is that the ticket price of this amazing journey is inclusive. However, it would be better to make the reservations within 90 days of your travel date. If you have extra pennies to shell out, you can take rides offered by the Cheese and Chocolate themed trains.

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6. Paul Klee Museum in Bern

Paul Klee Museum in Bern,free things to do with a Swiss Pass
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Paul Klee is a Swiss-German painter whose art styles have deep roots tied to Surrealism, Cubism and Expressionism. Every tiny detail of his work of Klee was considered important, with the best being – Paul Klee Notebooks. The museum also houses close to 4,000 works of Renzo Piano. A visit to this museum is free of cost if you hold the Swiss pass.

Quick look:

Important museums which can be toured using the Swiss Pass:
The Thun Castle – a UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Natural History Museum, Bern
The Archeology Museum, Locarno
The Kunsthaus art museum, Interlaken
The Toy Museum, Thun
Spryi Museum, Herzil

Be it intercity travel or exploring local or elite historic sites sites – if you have the Swiss pass in hand, you’re sure to go light on your pocket. For more insight on your Switzerland travel and other free things to do with a Swiss Pass, get in touch with us!

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