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Top places to shop in Switzerland – Swiss Shopping

Your holiday in Switzerland isn’t complete until you go shopping. From Cheese and chocolates to watches, liquors, cuckoo clocks and embroidery work, there are plenty of indigenous souvenirs you can take back from the trip along with your beautiful memories. These articles that are unique to Switzerland are pretty much available in most of its big cities like Zurich, Zermatt, Geneva, Lausanne and Interlaken. Do make note of the top places to shop during your Switzerland travel and make the best of it! It gets even better when you plan your Switzerland tour package with us and enjoy a fairytale hassle-free vacation!

1. Zurich

zurich, Top places to shop in Switzerland
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Zürich has a great collection to quench your shopping thirst during you visit at Switzerland. Renowned for precious metals, Zürich has an eye captivating collection of gold, silver and platinum jewelry. The all-time famous Bahnhofstrasse features some of the well-known jewelry stores in Zürich. Interested in local designs? Visit the Altstadt, where there is a blend of both traditional & modern boutiques.

Must visit in Zurich:

  • Bahnhofstrasse – Luxury brands and designer labels
  • Zürich West – Fashion boutiques and unique collection
  • Langstrasse – Jewelry stores and artwork
  • Altstadt – Souvenir shops and jewelry hubs

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2. Geneva

geneva, Top places to shop in Switzerland
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Geneva might be geographically small, but when it comes to shopping, it outshines with an unbelievable collection. You could go window shopping on the streets of Rue du Rhône or stroll past the myriad collections on Rue du Marché. Whilst you’re here, make sure you check out the art galleries, vintage clothing and home decors as well. Don’t you think Geneva is definitely one of the top places to shop in Switzerland?

Must visit in Geneva:

  • Rue du Rhône – Top shopping brands
  • Rue du Marché – Fashion and everything!
  • Rue du Mont-Blanc- Exclusive Swiss collection boutiques
  • Rue des Alpes- Swiss cowbells and clocks

3. Lausanne

Lausanne, Top places to shop in Switzerland

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Believe it or not, Lausanne is the Disneyland for shopping enthusiasts. With most of its stores placed at walkable distances, Lausanne is the ideal place to check out the luxury accessories and the big names of Swiss watches, vintage boutique and chocolates. Don’t miss out on souvenir shopping in their open-air markets!

Must visit in Lausanne

  • Rue de Bourg – Departmental stores and window shopping
  • Place de la Plaud – Musical instruments and boutiques
  • Co-op au Centre – All in all  Swiss supermarket

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4. Interlaken

Interlaken, Top places to shop in Switzerland
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If you are one of those with a liking for refined tastes, head straight to Interlaken. Offering top shelf quality, Interlaken will stun you with its collection of handmade wooden toys, Swiss knives, boutiques, eateries and what not? Be sure to carry a big bag while your walk through its bustling city streets.

Must visit in Interlaken

  • Wunderli La Bijouterie – Wondrous watches
  • Wooden Toy Shop – Handmade wooden toy shop
  • Everywhere Shops – Swiss knives and souvenirs

5. Zermatt

Zermatt, Top places to shop in Switzerland
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Zermatt is known for shops that sell authentic skiing accessories. The best part is that there are rental stores where you can buy your skiing equipment and return them once you’ve had a good load of fun. You will find jewellery and watch shops at every turn (literally) in this city. Unique gifts, souvenirs and authentic Swiss chocolates are sure to add more WOW factor to your shopping experience. Make sure to shop your hearts out here!

Must visit in Zermatt

  • Alpine dairy Stafel – Cheese! Cheese! and .. Cheese!
  • Bijouterie Schindler – Jewelry and accessories
  • WEGA – Swiss Supermarket
  • Slalom Sport – Mountaineering equipment

Are you ready to shop till you drop? Now that’s sorted isn’t it? Let us know how you’d want your Switzerland travel to be and we’ll make sure its nothing less than extravagant!

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